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Sušnik Cosmetics, as the company was named then, was one of the first cosmetic companies in the former Yugoslavia. Established by Neža and Jožef Sušnik, this family-owned company started producing a wide array of cosmetic products, from shampoos and bubble baths to hair gels, which were being sold in several million items and were thus indispensable in many households. Apart from being one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic products, PharmaHemp were also pioneering in the production of fragrances, thus expanding our range of cosmetics with perfumes as well.

In 2004 PharmaHemp launched a new line of natural skin care products made from cold-pressed oil of industrial hemp. After a few minor aesthetic fixes EXTRAVAGANJA is still on a par with other cosmetic brands even today.

PharmaHemp are witnessing an increase of consumer awareness of the benefits of industrial hemp. Hence it is no surprise that the demand for a versatile CBD oils is increasing as well. As we have been involved in the production of hemp-based cosmetics since 1997, we have decided to take our innovative approach one step further. We expanded our extensive knowledge and experience in the field of growing and processing industrial hemp to production of top-quality CBD oil.

PharmaHemp CBD oil is extracted from 100% organically-grown and hand-picked hemp grown exclusively on European soil without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. We also provide raw hemp material of the highest quality obtained from the finest hemp. Our raw materials are quality tested to certify that they meet the highest standards.

To make sure that all beneficial compounds in our hemp extracts are preserved, PharmaHemp use supercritical CO2 extraction, which results in CBD oil of the highest quality. They are also developing a new line of top-quality cosmetic products based on CBD-oil. According to the latest medical research this most common cannabinoid has been proven to be an essential nutrient for the skin.