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Fake CBD oil

Posted by   The Hemp Doctor
fake cbd oils

Fake CBD Oil

Monday, in an on-camera interview, we’re hearing more from a company representative about the safety and how they’re trying to stop a fake version from going around smoke and vape shops in metro-Atlanta.

There are reports that the fake version is making people sick, and now there’s money on the line to get it off the streets.

“It’s a product that consumers can put in a vaporizer and it just relaxes them, and that’s what it’s designed to do,” said Adam Ford says there’s a fake version of the $40 oil going around.

The “Just Chill” spokesman and Page Law attorney says they’ve gotten reports of two people needing medical attention possibly because of the fake product.

We asked, “What would you want to say to people who are making the fake version of just chill?”

Ford said, “They are endangering themselves, and endangering others, and they’re really hurting the industry as a whole, and they need to stop.”

The Just Chill Company is based out of central Florida.

“Our product is safe, just chill regularly tests its products with accredited labs,” Ford said. “We test for potency, we also test for microbials, and pesticides.”

So how can somebody make sure the product is real?

“This shows the differences between our real product and the fake, you can see here that this product is coming in a pre-filled canister, our product comes in a separate vial,” Ford said.

“The product contains something floating in the oil, that’s also a red flag that it could be a fake product, and the packaging itself is darker,” Ford said, showing us the products

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