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Epilepsy and CBD Oil, a cure for epilepsy?

Posted by   The Hemp Doctor

CBD Oil and Epilepsy

In answering the question as to whether or not CBD oil can help with the treatment and/or the cure of epilepsy, adequate knowledge must be acquired as regards what having epilepsy entails, its cause or causes, and the effectiveness and side effects of CBD oil.

Dennis Thompson, in one of his articles on epilepsy, referred to it as a problem with the brains electrical systems. Electrical impulses cause a brief change in movements, feelings, awareness and/or behaviour, events known as seizures, which may last from a few seconds to a few minutes. Those with two or more seizures (without obvious triggers) separated by at least 24 hours are often considered to have epilepsy.

Bursts of Electrical Impulse

For many people the cause or causes of epilepsy are unknown, but when identifiable, epilepsy “causes” usually involve some form of injury to the brain. Seizure however is caused by a burst of electrical impulse in the brain which escapes their normal limits. These spread to neighbouring areas and create an uncontrollable storm of electrical activity. Electrical impulses may be transmitted to the muscles, causing twitches or convulsions.

According to an article reviewed by Neil Lava on (WebMed) April 18, 2015, there are about 180,000 new cases of epilepsy each year, of which about 30% are children. Some of the main causes of epilepsy as a result of seizures associated with brain injuries are: genetic conditions that leads to brain injury e.g tuberous sclerosis, head injuries that occur during birth or accidents, meningitis or encephalitis infections, and stroke. However, in up to 70% of all the epilepsy cases in existence, both in adults and children, there are no definitive causes yet.

Seizure, which in most cases is the backbone of epilepsy, is often triggered or provoked by heavy use or consumption of alcohol, lack of sleep, missing seizure medications, use of cocaine or other drugs, and use of other medicines that may interfere with seizure medications. If these are taken care of, the chances of seizure leading to epilepsy is slim. Note that most women with epilepsy often have their seizure during their menstrual periods. Changing drugs or adding drugs before menstrual periods may tend to help most of these women.

Research into CBD Cannabis Oils and Epilepsy

There has been a lot of research carried out into how effectively CBD treats epilepsy in both children and adults. The use of CBD cannabis oils for various medicinal purposes is becoming a more prevalent issue, and consequently, preparations of cannabis at varying strength and content are being used. Additionally, recent changes in the legal environment have helped to improve the availability of products with high CBD.

Anecdotal evidence regarding the efficiency of CBD in curing or treating epilepsy is still unclear, despite the potential efficacyy of CBD. Whilst the cannabis product Marijuana has been proven to have anti-epileptic effects in animals, no certain evidence has been gathered regarding it's efficacy in human patients with epilepsy.

Potential Effects and Benefits of CBD oil

According to the president and CEO of Epilepsy Foundation, Phil Gattone, the reviews highlight how current federal law have limited their understanding of the potential effects and benefits of CBD oil as an anti seizure medication. Research showed that a major brain receptor which appears to have anti-seizure effects when activated is CBD. Results from their tests on children and adults revealed that there is a drastic reduction in the constant seizures that most of these epileptic patients suffer i.e they become seizure-free. However, there have not been many reports on the side effects of using CBD to treat epilepsy, except for an increase in appetite and memory problems, which somehow depends on how CBD oil is being ingested.

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