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CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

Posted by   The Hemp Doctor

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

A relatively recent public health issue to emerge, with high incidences in many industrialised nations, is chronic pain. There are various discouraging statistics about the rate at which people are affected. Research shows that in Australia, over 80% of elderly people suffer from continuous pain. In Europe there is a rough estimate that about 1 in 4 elderly people suffer with musculoskeletal pain of a disabling nature. Results from a poll by ABC News in the USA revealed that about 38 million adults have chronic pain, and in an attempt to get relief, about 12 million of them made use of CBD oil.

A number of clinicians have been faced with several obstacles, especially those treating patients suffering from neuropathic pain, cancer-associated pain and pain associated with multiple sclerosis. All of these conditions are usually inadequately treated using available drugs containing opium, anticonvulsants and antidepressants. Several medical practitioners have been seeking alternative approaches which they can adopt as a method of treating these condition but so far have been unsuccessful. This may be either as a result of their concern about prescription drug abuse and/or continuous governmental perusal of their prescribing practices. Therefore, CBD oil offers a new approach to the issue of managing chronic pain, which in turn gives sufferers of the condition great hope.

Most of us have been hearing a lot recently, about the effectiveness of CBD oil with respect to treating several illnesses. There is no doubt as to how effective CBD oil can be, as per the positive reviews relayed by users, and results gathered from research carried out on it. Of course, there used to be a time when the world was partially opposed to the use of marijuana, it being an illegal drug. However, various states have now wholeheartedly welcomed it by legalising it's use for the treatment of somewhat baffling diseases such as inflammation, IBS, IBD, fibromyalgia, epilepsy & so many more, including chronic pain. Marijuana's legality is limited to CBD content only so as to avoid any 'drug abuse' scenarios. It is often medically recommended, there are no issues such as 'getting high' as this is a non-psychoactive drug (unlike THC), and rather than impairing behaviour CBD will offer only beneficial health effects.

Research has shown that there are basically two functions of CBD oil - pain relief and mood balance - both of which can be trusted to treat conditions such as inflammation, anxiety, spasms/seizures and pain. Several clinical and scientific studies have also shown that CBD oil may be effective in relieving various symptoms in many difficult health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), alcoholism, arthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis), neurological disorders and epilepsy. The positivity of the effectiveness of CBD oil is appealing, as it has also demonstrated neuroprotective effects. Thus, research is currently ongoing regarding its anticancer potential, at several centres both in the US and other countries.

Consideration is now being given to CBD as an effective analgesic by some doctors, giving cannabidiol as a pain reliever to patients suffering from chronic pain such as cancer-related pain and central neuropathic pain. Although the mechanisms of CBD oil as a pain reliever are yet to be fully understood, it is still being considered as one of the safest cannabinoids, with many positive reviews with regards its effectiveness against certain chronic pain conditions.

Research has shown that cannabidiol might even be effective for patients suffering from chronic pain conditions whose bodies may have already become accustomed to powerful painkillers. With respect to chronic pain management, CBD oil has been regarded as a possible alternative to strong analgesics. CBD oil solutions have been found to be less powerful due to the fact that CBD oil is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, and is also considered to have less side effects than strong, opioid-based analgesics.

CBD oil is also regarded as a means of relieving acute pains. The synergistic effects of CBD oils against inflammation may mean that it will be more efficient against inflammatory pains than other conventional analgesics, due to its direct analgesic properties which tend to be less potent than other opioid painkillers.

As seen in several cannabinoid research articles, CBD oils has been proven to help in easing pains which are often caused by some chemotherapy medicines, especially in breast cancer patients. This tends to help the patients to raise their tolerance level for the chemotherapy treatments more easily and with fewer painful side effects.


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